Costa del Sol: A Blend of Culture & Comfort

Costa del Sol, situated in Andalusia, is considered one of the most luxurious areas in Spain for investing and buying properties, given the fact that it is saturated with exciting attractions and natural features. In addition to that, Costa del Sol is rather famous amongst expats and visitors, being a home for everyone. Aside from its cultural and geographical value, Costa del Sol has much to offer to those willing to invest in it, which we will discuss further as we go.

Marea project is located in arguably the best area in Costa del Sol, Finca Cortesin, where all the luxury and entertainment options take place. Cortesin boasts a 5-star golf court as well as high-end polo clubs, not to mention the spectacular view over the breathtaking Marbella coastline and Gibraltar. In fact, Marea enjoys a panoramic view, capturing the enchanting combination of the mountains and the sea.

Why Should You Invest in Properties for Sale in Costa del Sol?
A Perfect Mix of Nature & Urban Life

Costa del Sol offers more than just a beach getaway; with green landscapes and white villages, the region offers its residents the best of both worlds. So whether you’re feeling mountains and city vibes or summer sandy beaches, Costa del Sol is the best place for you. You can invest in Costa del Sol villas at the heart of the city and enjoy the white villages and lovely mountains or a property near the beach where you can wake up with a great sea view. Either way, you would be within a short distance from either destination, enjoying the beauty of city and suburban lifestyles. The city is easy to navigate, as everything is only a few minutes’ drive.

Abundant Entertainment Choices

Without a doubt, a tourist attraction like Costa del Sol is filled to the brim with entertainment options that will keep you on the edge of your seat. For instance, the Costa del Sol cuisine is genuinely out of this world, with delicious street food and luxurious restaurants and cafes. Additionally, there are a lot of fairs and events to attend for children and adults, such as horse-riding fairs and children’s camping trips. You’ll get to experience majestic creatures and wander through a paradisical city of wonders. Clearly, this is a beyond valid reason for investing in a Costa del Sol property. It’s the ultimate place for families to enjoy themselves.

A Thriving Expat Community

In Costa del Sol, you’ll never feel out of place as a large expat community is willing to welcome you with open arms and give you all the support you need. Moving to a new region is difficult, especially when you’re not a native citizen, but this is hardly even a concern in Costa del Sol. The city is saturated with English speakers and people from around the world, ensuring you’ll find your way there in no time. As a foreigner, Costa del Sol is probably one of the safest investment options in Spain.

Marea: A Residential Haven in Costa del Sol.

Marea lies at the heart of Costa del Sol’s magnificent grounds, submerged between green landscapes and aesthetic vibes cut out of a painting. Leave your worries behind and get yourself on a plane to Corestin, where you’ll be met with a residential masterpiece that is Marea. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, where magic and comfort take place. Enriched by Missoni’s interior designs, Marea represents a new touch to modern living while still being connected to nature’s timeless beauty.

An essential aspect of investing in a residential property is the community that you’re investing in. Marea is the ideal community to invest in if you’re looking for high-end properties in Costa del Sol. Not only is it situated in Cortesin, the heart of Costa del Sol’s magnificent landscapes, but its interiors are perfectly crafted by Missoni designs.

Moreover, Marea enjoys a prime location in the Finca Cortesin Resort near important marinas, including Puerto Banus and Sotogrande. Marea by DarGlobal is a secure gated community offering excellent houses for sale in Costa del Sol with 2 to 4 bedrooms. The project provides residents with several services and facilities, such as high 24/7 security, utmost privacy, and magical Mediterranean views.

Marea, Interiors By Missoni

Missoni, the highly renowned signature brand offering authentic apparel and cultureinspired designs, took the liberty of designing the interiors of the Marea Project, making it even more captivating with a defined touch. None other than Missoni would be able to design and perfect Marea’s contemporary vibes.

The Strategic Positioning of Marea

Ideally, Marea’s prime location ensures that residents are only a few minutes away from landmarks and points of interest. To mention a few, the stunning beach is only a walking distance. You can also find yourself wandering through the luxurious Santa Maria Polo Club, which is considered one of the best polo clubs in the world! It’s also less than an hour’s drive from two main airports: Gibraltar Airport & Malaga Airport.

In conclusion, you will never run out of great reasons to invest in properties in Costa del Sol, from its stunning natural vibes to its entertainment events, welcoming expat community, and luxurious Costa del Sol villas and apartments. Investing in Marea is an excellent idea, capturing the best of Costa del Sol.

Besides Marea, there are great projects near Costa del Sol to invest in, such as Tierra Viva by DarGlobal and Automobili Lamborghini. Investing in property in Costa del Sol guarantees an excellent value for money.

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